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 Lititz, PA September 23, 2014 
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It's Magic Kids

Card Trick Central
Learn 4 Easy Magic Tricks

'Oodles of Fun Information' To Search Through

The 'Awesome Library' of Kid Information
Tri Systems Inc. KidSearch
Internet 4 Classrooms - Lots of Sites for Kids
Cool Kids Zone
Kid Safe Websites
Educational and Fun Websites for Kids
Great Sites For Kids
Lots of BrainPop Topics Search Topics

Sports for Kids

Great Websites with Sports Information for Kids

Songs for Kids

Sing Along Songs
KiDiddles Song Lyrics

Great Books and Great Authors

Authors and Illustrators Kids Love!
Children's Book Awards
Favorite Children's Stories
Good Books for 2nd Grade Girls
Great Poets & Writers


Online Stories (Text)
Online Stories (Audio)
National Storytellling Network

Weather and the Environment for Kids

The Ecosystem for Kids
Environmental Education for Kids
FEMA for Kids / Weather Whiz Kids
Kids for a Healthy Environment
The Weather Dude

Jokes and Giggles

Joke Links for Kids
Billy Bears Jokes
Online Joke Book
AzKidsNet Jokes
Wacona Elementary School Jokes
Yahooligans Jokes

Poems That Make You Smile

Barking Spiders Poetry
Yahooligan Poems
Talespin Poetry
Jeff's Poems for Kids
Poetry 4 Kids
Learn Poem 'Types'

Hey Kids - Get Healthy Topics for Kids Topics for Teens
HealthFinder Cool Things For Kids
Kids Health - Staying Healthy!
BAM - Body And Mind for Kids
Powerful Bones for Girls
Healthy Living!!
Snack Smart For Healthy Teeth
The President's Fitness Challenge For Kids
Dealing With Your Feelings

Be a Friend - Not a Bully!
What is Bullying?
Advice For Kids That are Being Bullied
Article On Keeping Youth Safe From Bullying

Arts and Crafts for Kids

Enchanted Learning Crafts
Youth Online Crafts
Construction Projects for Kids
Crafts For All
Fisher Price Crafts
Crafts For Kids
Craft Town
The Imagination Factory
Art Appreciation and Art History for Kids

Baking with Kids

Betty Crocker Kid Friendly Baking
Kraft for Kids
Loghouse Baking with Kids
Youth Online Recipes

Organize Your Home/Office/Life

Safe Search Engines for Kids

Ivy's Search Engine (Has ALL Search Engines for Kids in One Great Location)
Ask Geeves for Kids Search Engine
Yahooligans Search Engine

Family Comes First
Official Disney Website
Quality Family Time
Outdoor Family Time
Tips For Spending Time With Your Children

Fun Word Puzzles

The Puzzle Depot

Beginning Readers For Young Readers
Between the 'Lions' Early Literacy
Fun Ways Parents Can Help Beginning Readers
Helping Your Child Learn To Read

Fun & Games

PBS Kids
A Game A Day
Yahooligan Games
Official Disney Website
Interactive Learning Center
Healthfinder Games For Kids
Disney's Hot Shot Business Game for Kids

Fun for Younger Children

Playhouse Disney
Sesame Street
Barney Games
PBS Kids
Alfy Goes Camping
Pauly's Play House
Official Disney Website
Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
Preschool Activities & Crafts
Chateau Meddybemps
A to Z Kids stuff for Preschoolers for Young Readers
Dr. Seuss's Seussville
ABC Hide and Seek

Coloring On Line
Youth Online Coloring

Money Skills for Kids

Money 'Sense' and Dollars for Kids
Kids.Gov Money Websites
WisePockets Activities For Kids
Why You Need To Save Money

Spelling Help for Kids

Online Interactive Spelling Quizzes
Spell-check Games
Tips to Help Your Child Spell Better

Help with Foreign Languages

Language Arts for Kids

Literature 'Classics'
Great Poets and Writers

History for Kids

All History Help
Biographical Dictionary
National Geographic
This Day in History
History for Kids

Math for Kids

AAA Math
Cool Math
Ask Dr. Math
The Math Library
Math Magic!!
Links to All Types of Math

Science for Kids

Science News for Kids
Chemistry for Kids
Physics for Kids
Science is Fun
What Things Are Made Of
Yellowstone National Park Kidsite
BrainPop Science
Cool Science for Curious Kids
Science News for Kids
Science Project Resource Guide
Bill Nye The Science Guy
Center for International Earth Science Information Network

Social Studies for Kids

National Geographic for Kids
Ben's Guide to the US Government fo Kids
Yellowstone National Park Kidsite
National Park Service
The White House for Kids
'Kulture Kids' - Fun Stuff To Do
Learn about Native Americans
Goverment Websites For Kids
The 50 States
World Factbook
Native American 'Circle of Stories' Storyteller
The History of Other Cultures for Kids

Astronomy & Space for Kids

NASA for Kids
NASA Laugh & Learn
Views of the Solar System
Windows to the Universe
NASA Kids Science News